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Boosting the high-end market, Prinx Chengshan launches the Commercial PRO and H series

Date:2023-12-21    views:1067


On December 16, 2023, the Prinx Chengshan Commercial Dealer conference was grandly held in Chongqing. Dealers from all over the country gathered to review the achievements of the past year and envision endless possibilities for the future together. At the conference, Prinx Chengshan launched a new high-end commercial product line, which garnered widespread attention and praise from attending dealer representatives due to its cutting-edge technology and exceptional product strength.

A new journey: Targeting the high-end market and showcasing hardcore strength


(Jiang Xizhou, Executive Vice President of Prinx Chengshan, delivered a speech at the conference)

At the beginning of the conference, Jiang Xizhou, Executive Vice President of Prinx Chengshan, delivered a speech under the theme of "Leading in the Cold Winter, Embarking on a New Journey to Witness the Future". He thanked the company's staff and partners for their hard work and dedication, while also introducing a comprehensive upgrade of the company's technology, equipment, products, and services in three dimensions.


(Wang Yu, Director of Prinx Chengshan Commercial Vehicle Replacement Sales Center, gave a themed sharing)

Wang Yu, Director of Prinx Chengshan Commercial Vehicle Replacement Sales Center, summarized and shared the new trends, ideas, and strategies of the marketing environment, and stated that in the future, we will continue to practice both product and service, strive steadily for progress, uphold integrity and innovation, and collaborate with our partners to create new brilliance.


("PRO" series commercial tires)

The release of two new commercial product lines, the "PRO" series and the "H" series, which are the top priorities of this press conference, has received high attention from the attending guests. The "PRO series" is positioned as high-end, with three key technologies from Prinx Chengshan and two core technology upgrades at its core, aiming to become a leader in the high-end commercial tire market.  The new products include the engineering heavy-duty tire XFENDER PRO, long-distance transportation tire XSTANCE PRO, ultra-low rolling resistance tire XATOM PRO, and high-end light-duty truck tire XLOAD PRO, with a total of 8 patterns and 12 products.

The XFENDER PRO series engineering-specific drive wheel position tires utilize two innovative technologies, "BWC (new bead nylon reinforcement)" and "MT (crown infinite wrapping)", to significantly enhance the load-bearing capacity and durability of the tire. In complex transportation environments, the tire's bead toe durability is improved by 50%, and its high-speed durability is improved by 24%.

The XSTANCE PRO series medium and long-distance transportation tires are equipped with two theoretical technologies of "HWR (high wear resistance)" and "AUD (anti-eccentric wear)". They also feature a new "ultra-high wear resistance tread", which provides excellent high wear resistance, eccentric wear resistance, and low heat generation performance. After being road tested, these tires have demonstrated excellent wear resistance performance in both high-speed and national road environments. Furthermore, the tires in the guide wheel position can maintain non-eccentric wear for over 100,000 kilometers, making them the optimal choice for long-distance truck drivers.

The XATOM PRO series ultra-low rolling resistance tires apply the "GPT (low rolling resistance technology)", and the tire rolling resistance is less than <4.0 N/KN. Compared to conventional products, it can deliver more than a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency for mainline transportation vehicles. Simultaneously, this product series also incorporates a multi-dimensional deep steel plate design aimed at enhancing wet grip. Intelligent chips can be optionally installed to monitor real-time key data such as tire temperature, air pressure, and load. The wear resistance and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of this series of products are better than those of similar ones after preliminary road testing, making it a green and energy-saving tool for trunk transportation.

The XLOAD PRO series of high-end light-duty truck tires is specially designed for intercity distribution light-duty trucks, with a focus on achieving high mileage, high load-bearing capacity, and resistance to eccentric wear. Through unique pattern design, this series achieves high wear resistance and anti-stone jamming. By utilizing multiple innovative technologies, the load-bearing capacity is enhanced while the wear resistance is improved by 38% compared to similar products. This allows light-duty truck drivers to enjoy a worry-free and efficient transportation experience between cities.


("H" series commercial tires)

At the conference, Prinx Chengshan also unveiled its "H" series of commercial tires. This product line is designed for the complex transportation environment in China, utilizing two core technologies: "BWC (new bead nylon reinforcement)" and "MT (crown infinite wrapping)" to enhance the product's performance in multiple dimensions, providing drivers with a higher quality user experience.


(Li Chongbing, Director of Prinx Chengshan R&D Center, gave a theme sharing)

Strive for high-end and aim to lead. The strength of Prinx Chengshan lies in its R&D and technological capabilities, which are the foundation for producing high-quality products. Li Chongbing, Director of Prinx Chengshan R&D Center, provided a detailed explanation of the cutting-edge "black technology" in the "PRO" series and "H" series. He also introduced professional intelligent research and development, innovation implementation, and comprehensive testing conducted at the national enterprise innovation center. All of these aspects ensure reliable guarantees for the excellent performance of our products.


(Wang Hongdian, Deputy Director of Prinx Chengshan Market Center, gave a theme sharing)

Wang Hongdian, Deputy Director of Prinx Chengshan Market Center, introduced the important measures taken by the company in brand and service support. Centered around the "product+service" and based on Prinx Chengshan's extensive domestic commercial service network, the "PRO" series and "H" series will provide users with comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. These services include a 4-year product quality guarantee, 24/7 service response, and installation coverage in over 300 cities.

In the future, we will further connect the links, accelerate digital transformation and upgrading, create a communication matrix to assist channels, help partners improve their business efficiency, and realize an increase in revenue.

With47 years of journey, we are always moving forward with Chinese strivers.

Over the past 47 years, Prinx Chengshan has built a green tire full lifecycle management and tire parametric design simulation platform, relying on the National Certification Technology Innovation Center. As of now, it has obtained more than 300 patents and participated in the formulation of over 20 national industry standards. The launch of the high-end "PRO" series and "H" series products is an important measure for Prinx Chengshan to upgrade its products and brand in the commercial field. With continuous innovation, it will continue to lead the upgrading of domestic commercial tires, help domestic commercial tires seize the high-end market, and interpret its value commitment — Always moving forward with the strivers in the new era belonging to China.