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Prinx Chengshan Was Selected as One of Top 100 Private Enterprise Brand Values in Shandong-2020

Date:2020-05-09    views:711

On May 8th, "China Brand Day (Shandong)" event was held in Yantai, Shandong Province. The list of 2020 top 100 private enterprise brand value in Shandong was released during this event. Prinx Chengshan was ranked in the list as top 3 of tire enterprises.

"China Brand Day (Shandong)" is organized by Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, aiming to promote brand value and build high-end brands in Shandong Province. 2020 is the second consecutive year that Prinx Chengshan has been selected as one of the top 100 private enterprise brand value. Prinx Chengshan brand value has increased by more than 50%, with an added value of nearly RMB1.2 billion.


In recent years, Prinx Chengshan continuously strikes, and receives multi-dimensional recognition. In OE market, the company has won the cooperation awards issued by Dongfeng Suizhuan, Beiben Truck Group, Jiangling Motors and other companies in 2019. In the investment market, Prinx Chengshan won two awards in 2019: China Financing Award 2019 "Most Valuable Investment Award" and "Most Potential Listed Company" hosted by Hong Kong "China Finance" magazine. And, in 2020, the company won the "Most Valuable Automobile and Industrial Manufacturing Company" sponsored by Zhitong Finance and Tonghuashun Finance. In terms of products, Prinx HT1 won the Xizhong Award of "National Brand Annual High-Performance SUV Tire". Prinx Chengshan also participated in social activities and continued to broaden its brand responsibilities. In 2020, Prinx Chengshan won the "2019 Listed Company Social Responsibility Award" in the 9th China Charity Festival.


Brand value is the reflect of the core competitiveness of an enterprise brand. Being selected as one of the top 100 private enterprise brand value in Shandong represents market’s recognition. In the future, Prinx Chengshan will continue to enhance the vitality of the brand, increase the added value of the brand, and further improve the core competitiveness of the brand.