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New Product Developed by Prinx Chengshan Reaches the Highest Level of EU Tire Label

Date:2020-04-28    views:886

On April 24, the summing-up meeting of Prinx Chengshan "AA1" project was successfully held in Rongcheng, Shandong, China. In this meeting, Prinx Chengshan R & D center officially announced that the newly developed 205 / 55R16 94V product of new pattern had successfully completed project development.  Three indexes of the new product, rolling resistance, wet grip and noise, reached the "AA1" level of the European Union Tire Label, which is the highest level of the current European Union label level.

“AA1” project research team of Prinx Chengshan R & D center was established in the end of 2018.  In this project, tire safety is considered as essential requirement. By utilizing simulation technology in "virtual laboratory" platform, the research team developed the AA1 level product of size 205 / 55R16 with new pattern. In the test, taken in the field with EU test qualifications, the rolling resistance of Prinx Chengshan new product is 6.346N/kN, the wet sliding index is 1.61, and the noise is 68dB. This result means the new product meet the EU label requirements of first class product.

As is known to all, the Euro-standard “AA1” is the highest rating since the implementation of the tire labeling law in 2012. Presently, the rolling resistance label rating of mainstream brands in the European market is generally B and C, the wet sliding label rating is generally A and B, and the noise level is generally in the second stage. The development of Prinx Chengshan “AA1” product is a new breakthrough of product performance.

The newly developed 205 / 55R16 94V product with new pattern achieved “AA1” rating demonstrates that the independent R&D ability of Prinx Chengshan has boosted to a new level. Comprehensive improvements of product quality, product performance and product index in label rating could be expected soon.