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Prinx Thailand’s First PCR Tire Rolls off Production Line

Date:2020-04-18    views:887

On April 18,2020, the first PCR tire of Prinx Chengshan Tire (Thailand) Co.,LTD.( hereinafter referred to as "Prinx Thailand") successfully rolled off the production line, becoming another milestone of the continuous and high-speed development of Prinx Chengshan.


Prinx Thailand’s first PCR tire rolled off production line

As the first overseas production base of Prinx Chengshan Tire, the construction of Prinx Thailand started in March,2019. The first phase of production is planned in the second quarter of 2020, and the annual production capacity of TBR tire is 800,000 sets, and PCR tire 4,000,000 sets.

It is worth mentioning that Prinx Thailand is designed according to the standard of green intelligent manufacturing, aiming to provide product support for the expansion of overseas markets.

Earlier, Prinx Thailand’s first TBR tire rolled off production line successfully on March, 25. 


Prinx Thailand’s first TBR tire rolled off production line

Prinx Thailand is the essential support of the global strategic layout of Prinx Chengshan. After official launch, a new round of growth will start for Prinx Chengshan, and give new impetus to enhance its core competitiveness and global brand influence.