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VECTO certification has accelerated the entry of Prinx Chengshan's commercial tires into Europe

Date:2024-03-07    views:383

On March 6, 2024, Prinx Chengshan and the third-party testing and certification agency TüV SüD Group (hereinafter referred to as "TüV SüD") held a certification ceremony. A batch of commercial high-performance tires, including AR603, TH155, and TH135, passed the (EU) 2017/2400 carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption certification (i.e. "EU VECTO certification") and successfully acquired access to the European market. This means that Prinx Chengshan's green development strength has been recognized by international authoritative institutions, and it has taken the lead in reaching the international leading level in the industry. This will also serve as a milestone for the Company to accelerate its entry into the European market.


(Image: TüV SüD issues (EU) 2017/2400 Carbon Dioxide Emission and Fuel Consumption Certificate to Prinx Chengshan)

Representatives, including Song Rongxu, Deputy Director of Prinx Chengshan Quality Management Center; Wang Hongdian, Deputy Director of the Market Center; Sun Zongtao, Deputy Director of the R&D Center, and Xing Ruijiang, the General Manager of TüV SüD Liaoning and Shandong regions, attended the ceremony.


With the EU climate change law and the goal of carbon neutrality put forward, the carbon reduction of heavy-duty vehicles has become the key to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality in the transportation field. The European Union introduced a bill (EU) 2017/2400 in 2017 that targets fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and component enterprises. The bill requires relevant companies to use the official energy consumption simulation tool VECTO (Vehicle Energy Consumption calculation TOol) for complex and detailed monitoring and identification of carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption. Furthermore, it also poses a severe green trade barrier challenge for Chinese enterprises that plan to export heavy-duty commercial vehicles and components to the EU.

With the complex certification system and strict standards of VECTO, Prinx Chengshan has not only seen the challenges but also the consensus behind its promotion of sustainable transportation development. "The goal of VECTO to promote green travel aligns with ours. As early as 2021, we obtained certification for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's five major series of green products, leading the way in achieving an 80% greening rate. The research and development of green and energy-saving products has been our main focus for many years. Ultimately, it will benefit users and society", said the representative of Prinx Chengshan at the certification ceremony. The successful certification of multiple commercial tire products this time undoubtedly showcases once again the confidence and strength of Prinx Chengshan's commitment to global partners and users in green and high-quality development.

TüV SüD, the technical service agency for this certification application, also congratulated Prinx Chengshan: "Through technological innovation and the strengthening of brand power, Prinx Chengshan has significant strength in the global market. TüV SüD looks forward to supporting each other with Prinx Chengshan in a broader market and opportunities, helping Prinx Chengshan to expand its brand influence, establish the image of a green leader in the industry, and contribute to the upward momentum of Chinese tire brand." Previously, Prinx Chengshan had five tire products, namely Winter Excelia, AR603, DR606, TH135, and TH155, that passed the TüV MARK certification standard, known as the "trust of global users" in the tire industry. They have earned a solid reputation in the market for their exceptional durability, safety, and eco-friendliness.

The commercial tire market in the EU has once again opened up, providing fresh chances for international business development. In the future, Prinx Chengshan will continue to explore the integration of green development and digital technology, while continuously enhancing its international competitive advantages. Additionally, it will actively seek new models that lead the industry's green development and drive industry-wide green upgrading.