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2024 Prinx Chengshan Europe Expects to Introduce New High-Performance Products for Passenger Vehicles

Date:2024-03-05    views:642


From February 26 to March 2, 2024, Prinx Chengshan hosted its highly anticipated 2024 European Distributor Conference in Thailand, attracting over 50 key European distributors. The event unveiled a number of exciting developments, including the launch of Prinx Chengshan Europe’s latest passenger vehicle products, including the Summer UHP and All-Season tires. In addition, attendees had the opportunity to explore a range of commercial, high performance tires recently certified by the European Union’s Vecto, as well as the PRINX EV series tires and snow tires, which have received widespread acclaim since their European debut. Distributors were invited to exclusive tours of Prinx Chengshan Thailand’s state-of-the-art production facility and raw material suppliers, which feature environmentally friendly and highly automated manufacturing processes. These visits showcased Prinx Chengshan's commitment to superior product quality and service, further building confidence in collaborative endeavors.


Prinx Chengshan General Manager of International Sales Center – Xiaohua (Michael) Chu


Prinx Chengshan Tires Company (Thailand) General Manager – Zhang Yougan

Michael Chu, General Manager of the International Sales Center at Prinx Chengshan, emphasized the company’s commitment to the European market. “We are very grateful for the support and dedication of our European partners over the past year. An increasing number of our passenger and commercial tires have received the prestigious TüV Mark and EU VECTO certifications. Going forward, we are committed to working closely with our partners to raise the standard of products and services offered to European users. In the coming year, we pledge not only to introduce a variety of exceptional new products but also to expand into more diverse specifications to meet the rapid development of light vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles in the European market.” Zhang Yougan, General Manager of Prinx Chengshan Tires Company (Thailand), and Li Chongbing, Director of Prinx Chengshan Research and Development Center, also attended the event.


Three products for the European market were introduced at the conference: the ultra-high performance Summer AQUILA REV tire, the All-Season VANEA 4S tire, and the All-Season QUATTURA 4S+ tire. In particular, the All-Season QUATTURA 4S+ tire, tailored for sedans and SUVs, offer all-round performance on par with elite international brands. Meanwhile, the All-Season VANEA 4S tire for light trucks offers exceptional wear and wet grip in a wide range of climates. The ultra-high performance Summer AQUILA REV tire, designed for mid-to-high-end sedans, sports cars, and SUVs, prioritize driving experience and comfort to deliver exceptional overall performance. In the commercial tire segment, Prinx Chengshan’s AR603, TH155, and TH135 truck tires recently received EU 2017/2400 certification for carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption. These tires also excelled in the "TüV MARK" certification by TüV South Germany, demonstrating significant wear resistance and energy-saving capabilities.


Prinx Chengshan's Thailand facility exemplifies green and highly automated manufacturing standards, enabling the company to meet the most stringent European emission regulations. The facility has fully realized remote management and green tire manufacturing, along with the use of low carbon footprint energy and clean raw materials. The use of high-quality raw rubber from Thailand ensures the continuous production of tires with exceptional performance, reinforcing Prinx Chengshan's position as a sought-after partner in the tire industry.