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PrinxChengshan(Thailand) Donated Masks for Local People

Date:2021-06-24    views:2002

With the aggravation of the pandemic, Thailand entered a critical period of prevention and control.In order to alleviate the impact of the pandemic and provide guarantee for the fight against the pandemic, PrinxChengshanTire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launched a charity mask donation in Tajam village.

On June 21, Mr. Zhang Yougan, general manager of PrinxChengshanTire (Thailand) Co., Ltd., led Mr. Wang Bing, Ms. Li Yanan, deputy general manager of PrinxChengshanTire (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr. SampongTharaphongniwat, head of Tajam village, Mr. ThongdeeDusit, Surat Cheepnurat, police representative Thongchai, town government representative WiriyaPraphiirat, clinic doctor Summaliand six villagers jointly provided 36000 masks to 360 households in Tajam village to help the villagers solve the shortage of pandemic prevention.

On behalf of all the people in Tajam village, SampongTharaphongniwatexpressed his thanks to PrinxChengshan company for this donation of masks.Mr. Zhang Yougan, on behalf of PrinxChengshan, expressed the most sincere concern to all the people in Tajam village. He hoped that our modest efforts could help the people living around the company. He hoped that the pandemic situation in Thailand could end as soon as possible, the economy could recover as soon as possible, and the people’s life could recover as usual.

The successful conclusion of the donation not only shows the concern and true feelings of PrinxChengshan company for the Thai people in the face of the pandemic, but also shows the responsibility and mind of Chinese enterprises in Thailand to repay the local society.PrinxChengshan expressed his concern for the Thai people with practical actions.We are in action to fight the pandemic.