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The 4thTBRDealersMeeting of PrinxChengshan Was Successfully Held in Xi'an

Date:2021-06-03    views:731

From May 25 to 27, the fourth TBR Dealers Meeting ofPrinxChengshan was held in Xi'an with the theme of "working together with one heart, working together for a win-win situation".The meeting was attended by representatives of dealers from Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and other regions, as well as Wang Yu, director of TBR replacement sales center of PrinxChengshan Holding Co., Ltd.

After in-depth exchanges in Wuhan, Yangzhou and Chengdu, the company has a more systematic control over the needs and pain points of dealers, as well as the trend of market changes and coping strategies.The Xi’an meeting focuses on the northwest and northeast regional markets, and shares the achievements, experience and development planning of dealers.


Xi'an is the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, and revolutionary tradition. Wang said that the reason why he chose Xi'an to get together with dealers in Northwest and Northeast China is that he felt the hard working spirit of dealers. Under the pressure of epidemic situation and market cyclical turbulence, he still stubbornly achieved better sales than expected.As an enterprise with 45 years of history, PrinxChengshan will continue to spare no effort to provide empowerment and service guarantee for dealers, and help dealers make new breakthroughs.



In terms of products, the company will accelerate the improvement of product series, develop forward-looking products urgently needed by the market, strengthen the supply of products with strong terminal demand such as CFH123 and CST105, and strengthen the market's satisfaction. In terms of operation, we should guide dealers to optimize the sales structure, strengthen brand publicity support and promote the long-term sound development of sales work in combination with the demand of terminal market, profitability and future development trend. In terms of channels, we should optimize the incentive policies for new customers, mobilize the enthusiasm of business team in network development, and help the development of new customers.PrinxChengshan will take various measures to help dealers protect the network, improve circulation, expand the market, and work together with dealers to seize opportunities.