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Prinx Chengshan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University hold the launching meeting of industry university research cooperation project

Date:2021-04-01    views:809

On March 25, Prinx Chengshan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University held an online launching meeting of IPlus industry university research cooperation project. Hu Houbao, director and assistant president of Prinx Chengshan industry university research cooperation committee, Su Bo of strategic planning department, Professor Jiang Wei, Professor Pan Ershun and Associate Professor Luo Jun of Shanghai Jiao Tong University attended the meeting.

Over the years, Prinx Chengshan continued to promote industry university research cooperation, established strategic cooperative relations with many domestic universities, and improved the ability of technological research and innovation.

The industry university research project with Shanghai Jiao Tong University has opened up a new mode of industry university research cooperation in Prinx Chengshan, which extends from the industry university research cooperation dominated by technology R & D to management innovation, and opens up new fields and ideas of industry university research cooperation.

Professor Jiang Wei and Professor Pan Ershun, the project mentors of this cooperation, have in-depth research in the fields of strategic transformation, business upgrading and tire value chain of tire manufacturing companies, and will provide support in this project.

During the meeting, both sides explained and communicated the original intention and research objectives of the cooperation project. Professor Pan Ershun suggested to focus on data platform and business scenarios, conduct research on digital mature enterprises, and learn from advanced experience. Professor Jiang Wei believes that enterprise digital transformation is a long-term process, generally 5-10 years. On the basis of understanding the current situation of the company's digital development, the feasibility study of the project is carried out before scientific planning.

In the future, Prinx Chengshan will continue to deepen cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other universities, promote innovation in R & D, manufacturing, management, marketing and other fields, accelerate the digitalization and internationalization of enterprises, and inject new momentum into the high-quality and sustainable development of enterprises.