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For Green, Prinx Chengshan is Leading the Way

Date:2019-06-18    views:543

Beijing, China - On June 15, the healthy running of China Green Tire Safety Week 2019 launched in Beijing Olympic Forest Park. This year, China Rubber Industry Association and Prinx Chengshan joined hands again to broadcast the concept of green, low-carbon, safe and environmental protection concepts to the public in the form of "green healthy running", and to popularize tire safety knowledge and green tire knowledge through activities with public participation and attention.


Prinx Chengshan Healthy Running Group

Running for green

The "6.15 China Green Tire Safety Week" sponsored by China Rubber Industry Association has been held for five consecutive sessions. The theme of this year’s event is "China Tire, Leading the World". More than 1,000 competitors signed up for the competition. More than 300,000 followers are attracted to participate in.


Safety Week Youngest Participant

Che Jing, general manager of Prinx Chengshan OE Sales Center, participated in the torch relay ceremony. The burning flame reflects Prinx Chengshan’s enthusiasm for green lifestyle and public welfare. It also represents Chinese tire’s determination to lead the world.


Che Jing, General Manager of Prinx Chengshan OE Sales Center, participated in the torch relay

In this event, Prinx Chengshan built and dispatched a strong team. In the Prinx Chengshan booth, all participants are provided with exquisite souvenirs and sports equipment for leading the green lifestyle.



Prinx Chengshan Healthy Running Group

Leading the way of green lifestyle

Over the past years, Prinx Chengshan keeps being devoted to creating comfortable travel experience for users, providing consumers green tire with energy-saving, environmental protection and trustworthy safety feature, and makes progress in research and development, manufacturing and other aspects. Company has established R&D system and cooperated with Chinese first-class universities to carry out research in the NVH field of green tires jointly. Through advanced production technology and strict quality control system, 1025 Prinx Chengshan products have been awarded the green leading products by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In addition to the enthusiastic on-site activities, China Rubber Industry Association also awarded 915 national tire stores as "designated promotion stores in 2019" by online qualification trials with more than 500,000 people voting. These stores were evaluated in the aspects of service ability, professional equipment and store image. Finally, Prinx Tire Store ranked 2nd with 97,725 votes.


Prinx Chengshan won the "Public Partner " Award

In the event, Prinx Chengshan honorably received the "Public Partner" awarded by China Rubber Industry Association. The developing Prinx Chengshan will always maintain enterprise and sense of responsibility, lead the green lifestyle, and contribute to the sustainable development of rubber industry and society.