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New manufacturing: A new growth driver to set up the new ecological paradigm for green and safe travel

Date:2021-12-10    views:840

Days ago, Prinx Chengshan, as one of representatives of new manufacturing enterprises, attended Green Tire Safety Week of China 2021, wherein the Company spread among the people, knowledge relating to the green tire, as an effort in furtherance of sustainable and low-carbon travel. In recent years, the Company, against the backdrop of Industry 4.0 technologies, has transformed and upgraded itself into a new manufacturing enterprise by pushing ahead with a green, intelligent, international-oriented and brand-focused development strategy. By doing so, the Company, in consecutive years, has ranked first in the standing of tire performance among competitors across the country, a list annually issued by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), has been listed as the Green Design Paradigm Enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), and has been accredited as one of local Intelligent Plants by the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Weihai City, among others. Recently, the journalist from dropped a visit to the Company to find out its endeavors and approaches towards building up the new ecological paradigm for green and safe travel.

Forging iron with a strong hammer, Enjoying low-carbon travel with quality tires


"Our company is the first, among competitors, that is specialized in the R&D and design of green tires. Relying on our own technology center (in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, one of State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Centers) and innovation development center in Qingdao, we have set up a two-in-one R&D and innovation system. Now, we play a dominant role in this industry with 80% of our production falling within green tires." said by Jiang Xizhou, VP of Prinx Chengshan Holdings Limited, to the journalist, "By 2021, we have had in total, 1025 products in five major series that have been accredited as green products by MIIT, applied in various travel scenarios."

However, making green tires, is only the first step, as the Company attaches more importance to the enhanced and optimal drivers' experience. Green tires refer to the ones with a lower rolling resistance to retain more energy when driving, at the expense of reducing the serve life as well as wet grip. To contain this well-known bottleneck, the Company, in 2019, set up the Synergy Institute of Tires for New Energy Vehicles, as a collaborative effort with 12 famous scientific research institutions, including Qingdao University and Jilin University, in making constant breakthroughs in tire performance equilibrium and development of innovative technologies. Its products, that fit for the new energy sector, have been applied in popular vehicle models, such as ORA GWM, serving as a model of the industry.


To promote green products is crucial to the establishment of new ecological paradigm for sustainable and low-carbon travel. Engineers from the R&D department of the PCR BU of the Company, introduced two types of green tires, at the Safety Week, to fellow netizens, of which, the HK1 model is an AAA-rated (rated A in rolling resistance, wet grip and pass-by noise) product and the energy-saving and eco-friendly HH3 model also features in excellent control and provides superior comfort by canceling noise.

"We will launch our brand-new PCR product lines, including ones for NEVs, and come up with innovative approaches in sectors such as smart service, next year. The number of NEV owners is roaring. By doing so, we are going to offer them a comfortable, safe and energy-saving travel solution." said by Gu Zijun and Wang Fangcheng, young (of post-90s generation) PCR tire engineers of the Company, "We hope low-carbon and safe travel can be a more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable way of fashion backed by China's new manufacturing technology, other than a simple slogan only." Such lines, indeed, indicate the outspoken confidence of the younger generation in the homemade brand.

Green and digital transportation solution: An enabler for new ecological transport

Prinx Chengshan, as the participant and witness, in and to China's transport development, also has been committed to enabling the urban green transport ecological system. Jiang also introduced to the journalist about Zadtire, a smart tire service system of the Company that draws much attention within the industry. Relying on Prinx Chengshan long-haul PRC tires, the system has achieved an efficient and green closed-loop life cycle management in the transport industry, by virtue of its innovative mode that integrates the big-data driven intelligent control, custom-made terminal service and green tire recycling. By now, over 200 customers in the fields such as urban transport system and logistics and cargo transportation, have benefited so much from the system that they nickname it as a pair of smart shoes for cities. The first half of 2021, witnessed a business revenue increase of 70% of the system.

A green full life cycle management in furtherance of the future goal of net-zero carbon emissions

Efficient and reliable supply chain system lays the foundation for the development of manufacturing enterprises. Prinx Chengshan has been listed, in consecutive years, as one of Green Supply Chain Management Enterprises and Industrial Product Green Design Paradigm Enterprises, titles both accredited by MIIT. The success comes from two parts: one is that the excellent performance and green and eco-friendly feature of its products, lie in a combination of high-quality natural rubber raw material originated from six major rubber plantations owned by the Company in Thailand and achievements in new material innovation; one is that in the production sector, its intelligent plants in Rongcheng city, Thailand and Anhui province (on-built), achieve visualized, digital and traceable information management.

In October 2021, the Company again, ranked first in the standing of tire performance among competitors across the country, a list annually issued by CPCIF, for the sixth time in a row. "We have achieved the lowest comprehensive energy consumption per unit product among competitors in the industry with internet-based energy control, low-carbon energy utility, clean tire production in the constant process of enhanced green development and thorough implementation of green manufacturing projects", Jiang said to the journalist.

The first homemade radial tire, independently developed by Prinx Chengshan, came off the production line in the 1990s. It ushered in a new era of homemade radial tires and represented the firm determination of the Company to lead tire innovation. It is undeniable that the new technology developed by the Company, along with its unveiled brand-new layout covering product design, supply chain, service, and brand, will inject more impetus into the development of China manufacturing industry and prop up the building up of a new ecological paradigm for low-carbon and safe travel.