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Prinx Tire Partners with Li Auto Owners to Explore the Stunning Jiaodong Coastline

Date:2024-05-20    views:701


On May 18, the "Prinx & Li - Driving to the Future" test drive event organized by Prinx Chengshan and Li Auto Car Club was successfully held in Rongcheng, Shandong. This event explored a combination of passion, exploration experiences, and sustainability themes. Dozens of esteemed car owners, including those who own Li Auto cars, actively participated in driving the popular models equipped with Prinx new energy tires. They had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery along the Jiaodong coastline and enjoy an unforgettable beach camping party. During the event, drivers also visited the Prinx Chengshan National Green and Intelligent Production Base, experiencing and praising the excellent service of the Prinx flagship store.


The tires that the drivers tested are the Prinx New Energy Tire XNEX SPORT EV, which boasts superior overall performance and has achieved the highest label grade among similar products, with better wet performance and rolling resistance than international top-tier products. It optimizes the driving experience for car owners, enhances the electric car's range, and further reduces its impact on the environment. It has won three prestigious international industrial design awards, including the A'Design from Italy, DNA from France, and MUSE from the United States, since its launch. Its outstanding performance and remarkable appearance at the event made a lasting impression on the car owners in attendance.




They all expressed that they not only learned about the black technology of Prinx tires, such as Silenteck®, but also gained a deeper understanding of Prinx's brand philosophy of "born for the era of electric vehicles" and Prinx Chengshan's unique insights into sustainable mobility as a well-known domestic tire enterprise.


It has been reported that Prinx Chengshan will collaborate with distributors to continue organizing and participating in car owner association activities nationwide for popular domestic brands, aiming to enable more users to gain a better understanding of and experience the exceptional performance of Prinx tires.